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Episode 1: Technological Superiority - The Shattered Fragments

Two weeks have passed since the destruction of Capella. As the GTVA begins to re-build its society and fleets, headquarters receives an unexpected signal from a famous point in the star system of Ross 128, where the Shivans made first contact with humanity in the most hideous way. A new Knossos portal has formed amid the wreckage of the old installation. As the damaged GTVA fleet enters the system to wearily blockade the new node, an Azrael transport emerges, alone, sending a distress signal to the GTVA. Just as quickly, a massive Shivan force emerges and captures the transport, hauling it back through the portal, disappearing as quickly as they came. What lies beyond the portal? How did Bosch survive?


- 10 action-packed missions.
- Dogfights, cap-ship battles, desparate situations - just the way we like it!
- A captivating story that will leave you wanting more. (which there will be in Episode 2!)

(c) 2000-2001 Arnav Manchanda, except where Volition/THQ/Interplay may apply.