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Personnel Profile: Admiral Ju'Rar Poputa

GTVA Personnel Profile VA-32
Admiral Ju'Rar Poputa / Royal Vasudan Admiralty
Home Star-System: Vasuda Prime
Age: 84 Terran standard years
Current Command: GVD Memphis, Hatshepsut-class destroyer / Imperial Battlegroup

Admiral Poputa is one of the "old-timers" of the GTVA fleet. Having first fought in the Terran-Vasudan war commanding the PVD Hope, he is credited for the destruction of the GTD Peremptory during the long conflict. When the Shivan invasion brought peace between the two races, he continued to serve on the PVD Hope, always swearing loyalty to Vasudan nobility, now under the direct command of Emperor Khonsu II. He retired from active service after the destruction of the SD Lucifer, and led a peaceful civilian life until the NTF rebellion began. After personally receiving a summons from Khonsu II to renew active duty, he was assigned to the GVD Memphis, the 4th Hatshepsut-class destroyer emerging from the rebuilt Vasuda Prime shipyards, and joined the fight with the same vigour as his PVD Hope days.

During the rebelion, he lead the Memphis on several successful missions, including the engagement of the NTD Crucible and the NTCv Uheron as well as other cruiser-class ships. After engagement with the NTD Mandjur, an Orion-class destroyer under the command of the mad NTF Vice Admiral Klop, the Memphis was forced into dry-dock for several months for repairs. The Memphis re-entered the fray shortly before the destruction of the GVD Psamtik in the nebula beyond Gamma Draconis, whose various surviving fighter wings joined the command of the Admiral.

During the Capella conflict, the Memphis was involved in a battle with three Shivan Moloch-corvettes, from which it emerged victorious, albeit heavily damaged at 32 percent hull integrity. The Memphis did not retreat - rather, the Admiral drove into the heart of the battle, where Shivan bombers were overwhelming civilian convoys evacuating Capella. He saved thousands of lives through the work of his ship and his fighter pilots, who respect him and would follow him to their deaths.

However, during one gruesome episode during the evacuation, Poputa was forced to watch helplessly as ten Lambda transports were decimated by two Shivan Lilith-class cruisers, while the Memphis cruised helplessly towards them, fifteen kilometres away, having come out of subspace prematurely due to a subspace drive malfunction. The resulting battle with the Liliths can only be described as "chilling" - the Admiral's eyes, as one crew member reports, "blazed with fury" as he ordered the Memphis' beams to be overloaded to deal with the strong-hulled cruisers. The Memphis suffered blow after blow, but Poputa stood tall among the smoke and emergency klaxons, a beacon of revenge. The two Liliths succumbed to the Admiral's superior tactics, but the Memphis was crippled. It's engines were down, and it had lost control of 90% of its weapons systems. Bowing to the wishes of GTVA Command, Poputa allowed the Memphis to be evacuated, after which it was towed to the Vega jump-node and the Vega shipyards for major repairs.

Since the Memphis' repairs have been completed, Emperor Khonsu II personally congratulated Poputa on his fine work during the second Shivan incursion. He personally reassigned the GVD Memphis to the Imperial Battlegroup, Khonsu II's personal fleet which answers to only the Emperor himself.

The Capella tragedies, including the Ten-L Massacre, as it has come to be known, continually haunts Poputa. He often wonders whether he did all he could to save the Terran and Vasudan refugees from Capella. Under his calm demeanor lurks a thirst for revenge against the Shivans for the destruction and the suffering they brought.

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